ZuluTrade is a global leader in mobile and online Social Trading. ZuluTrade connects users to other traders on their propriety performance algorithm called Zulurank. This allows traders to find and rank other traders based of their historical trading results, which allows the traders to take the same trades as these other traders, in their own broker accounts. Participants in Zulutrade can fully manage their accounts via a customisable account management portal that is equipped with “Zuluguard,” an advanced risk management feature that acts a shield against volatile trading strategies.

How it works?

ZuluTrade allows users to select the traders they want to follow based on reviews and feedback from Zulutrades own trading community, as well as based on trading rankings through their propriety algorithms and ranking systems.

Once the user chooses a strategy profile they then can customise their own trading based on their own risk parameters.

The type of advanced options includes being able to take trades on certain currency pairs, with any lot size, at any time of the day.

Flexibility is key and Zulutrade allows complete customisation for users of the platform.

Why trade with ZuluTrade?

ZuluTrade is one of the largest social trading communities in the world. It allows users to review traders from 192 countries all in one centralised portal.
Available on any web browser, as well as across all major devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry as well as Kindle Fire. This allows total unrestricted access to your account at any time.
Zulurank- A proprietary trading algorithm that grades signal providers across a number of different profiles. Users can see their overall performance but also review how long they have been trading and how volatile a certain strategy can be. This allows users to choose what aspects of the signal provider they want to focus on as well as see how they rank overall across the platform against the other traders.
Zuluguard- A sophisticated account preservation feature. This tool works 24 hours a day monitoring the performance of the Users strategies and can intervene to protect the account.
Simulation – A beneficial tool that allows users to simulate performance in the account. This allows users to choose traders and to see their results in real time without using any capital.
Customisation settings – Zulutrade offers users full control over their account and profile settings. Users can customise lot sizes, choose specific currency pairs to focus on as well as choose maximum trade sizes. Users can also close any position they require manually.
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